a glutenized household staple and the holy grail of gluten-free baking.  i am trying out this recipe from Gluten Free Gobsmacked.  it looks damn good but will mine look the same?  i followed the recipe almost exactly(which is quite rare for me, i much prefer to throw things in a bowl and see how it turns out).  well, almost.  i left out the flax seeds because i thought i had some, but it turns out i didn’t.  and i really ground up the sunflower seeds – i have a pesky eating kid that will pick pepper out of his otherwise bland tomato sauce.  altho he seemed to enjoy the raw bread dough, so there’s hope!

the result?  pretty damn good.  a little flat.  and of course as it cooled, it squished down even more.  but really tasty and even got the kid seal of approval from the dude.  seeds and all.

woo bread!

however, next time i think i will:

  1. use a smaller bread pan(oh martha, your oversized pan has never been useful)
  2. let it rise longer
  3. uh, won’t open the oven continuously to check on it:)
  4. add the 2 eggs i completely forgot about this time…

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